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Orthotics and Golf

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are inserts that go into the shoes to provide additional support for the bony and soft tissue structures of the foot.


What sort of conditions can expect to benefit from orthotics?

Golfers with the following problems can often expect to get some relief with the regular use of good, form-fitting orthotics:


  • Plantar fasciitis (Pain on the undersurface of the heel)
  • Tendonitis in the rearfoot (around the heel)
  • Knee or leg pain with prolonged walking
  • Back pain


Is there evidence that orthotics help improve my golf game?

Interestingly, yes there is.  There has been published research over the last ten years that has demonstrated the following benefits in golfers specifically through the use of regular orthotics during the course of a round:


  • Reduction in leg fatigue
  • Increase in club head velocity.  This study of male golfers showed an average increase in club head velocity of 3-5 mph, or about a 7% increase.  This translated to an average increase in drive distance of about 15 yards.


How much can I expect to pay for a good set of orthotics?

The cost of orthotics is all over the map.  Customized orthotics, which are molded to the contours of your foot specifically, usually cost up to $450 per pair.  One local store that specializes in non-customizable orthotics routinely charges this much for their own off-the-shelf product, which is not individualized at all.  Stadia Sports Medicine offers FootMaxx brand custom orthotics, which are developed through the use of computer force plate technology, analyzing the pressure points of your foot as you walk, and incorporating this information into the production of orthotics that are specific to your own foot.  Turnaround is about 7 business days.  We price these orthotics competitively at $200/pair* if picked up at our office, $225/pair if shipped directly to your home.  At less than the cost of a putter, why not give them a try and find out for yourself if they don’t make you feel better and improve your game.

*This price may change as our cost for this item changes.


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