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Concurrent Inspiratory Muscle and Cardiovascular Training Differentially Improves Both Perceptions of Effort and 5000 m Running Performance Compared with Cardiovascular Training Alone

Why you should pay attention to this:  There are many studies suggesting that adding inspiratory training to a standard exercise training program can improve endurance performance.  This is one of them.  16 male athletes participated in four weeks of run training with inspiratory training (Thirty breaths against resistance once daily) or sham training.  After four weeks, both groups improved their race times, but the group who did additional inspiratory training improved significantly more, with a 4.3% improvement in race time compared to 2.2% in the group without inspiratory training.  Inspiratory training is a great tool for athletes, because it is cheap, takes little time each day, and seems to be effective to improve performance.

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Adding respiratory training (available at Stadia) to usual training improves 5000 m run times more than standard training alone.

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